Forensic Architecture - 77sqm_9:26min
Work: The Murder of Halit Yozgat
Forensic Architecture
Irene Stracuzzi - The Legal Status of Ice
Work: The Legal status of Ice
Irene Stracuzzi
Alice Wong - A Charged Dream
Work: A Charged Dream
Alice Wong
Jasmijn Visser, Conflict Atlas, 2017
Work: Conflict Atlas — Geopolitics & Contingencies on the Malivinas/Falklands Archipelago
Jasmijn Visser, Metahaven
Disarming Design vzw - Disarming Design from Palestine
Work: Disarming Design from Palestine
Disarming Design vzw
Next Nature Network - HUBOT
Work: HUBOT — Job agency for people and robots
Next Nature Network
Reporters Without Borders - The Uncensored Library
Work: The Uncensored Library
Reporters Without Borders
Foundland Collective - Failed Futures and Extended Border
Work: Failed Futures and Extended Borders
Foundland Collective
Teatro di Nascosto - The Catwalk
Work: The Catwalk
Teatro di Nascosto
Recognized / Not Recognized
Work: Recognized / Not Recognized
Coralie Vogelaar
Cream on Chrome - 4-D News
Work: 4-D News
Cream on Chrome
Post Neon - Mobile Journalism
Work: Mobile Journalism
Post Neon
Robert Glas
Work: Afwezigheid van alle schuld
Robert Glas
Yuri Veerman - Dit zijn onze Helden
Work: Dit zijn onze Helden
Yuri Veerman, Platform BK
Robert Glas - How to Motivate Someone to Leave Voluntarily
Work: How to Motivate Someone to Leave Voluntarily
Robert Glas
Next Nature Network - Reprodutopia
Work: Reprodutopia
Next Nature Network
A man in a grey suit is giving a hand to a man in front the front door of his house. This man is wearing a black clothes and a red cap.
Work: Good Neighbours | affect lab
affect lab, Klasien van de Zandschulp, Natalie Dixon
Dimitri Tokmetzis & Yuri Veerman - Koppie Koppie
Work: Koppie Koppie
Yuri Veerman, Dimitri Tokmetzis
Ted Hyunhak Yoon - Decoding Dictorial Statues
Work: Decoding Dictatorial Statues
Ted Hyunhak Yoon